Governments across the African continent have been urged to diversify their energy sources if it wants to create a sustainable future for the sector.

Marketing Manager for EATON West Africa, Kunmi Odunoku particularly believes renewable energy is the way to go as far as investment is concerned.

He was speaking at the sidelines of an event hosted by EATON Ghana to drive discussions on power distribution solutions.

Mr Odunoku explained that one of the major problems facing energy is climate change.

Invest more in renewable energy – African governments urged

According to him, the globe is now moving towards renewable with technologies such as lithium batteries among others.

“It [lithium technology] is not up to 10 years but I tell you it’s going to break ground when it comes to renewable energy because what it means is that you can store more power in a very small device and have it usable at a later period,” he said.

For him, this is a perfect opportunity for countries such as Ghana and its neighbours to get ahead of the competition to increase the value of its energy mix and also improve the quality for the consumers alike.

Invest more in renewable energy – African governments urged

“We need to see more investments in that space. It is the future, to be honest. Already the technology is much better than what it used to be,” he said in Accra.

Generally, the programme was designed to help partners grow and maximize benefits from selling power quality products – UPS, power distribution units, surge protectors, etc.

Invest more in renewable energy – African governments urged

The discussants on the panel from EATON include Marketing Manager for West Africa Kunmi Odunoku, Power Distribution Manager for West Africa, Tolulope Aborisade, Power Quality Manager for West Africa Mayowa Aderibigbe, among others.

Invest more in renewable energy – African governments urged

The discussion focused on educating IT partners and other stakeholders involved in the IT segment on ways to expand their business and gain tangible benefits.

Invest more in renewable energy – African governments urged

The Managing Director of Link @Ghana Limited, the authorized Eaton distributor in Ghana, Mr Devang Lakhani who seemed impressed with the turnout along with the topics covered during the panel had this to say about the event: “Growth is a topic that affects all the stakeholders in the technology value chain. It is important we hold events like this so we can ensure the topics that need to be had are addressed, and by the right people. A forum like this also ensures that Eaton updates its partners on its technology and solutions in the market, which will ultimately be beneficial to all parties involved.”

At the end of the November 24 event, stakeholders agreed on the need for increased collaboration, initiatives, advocacy, and sensitisation among all involved.

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