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Talented Ghanaian promising rapper who performs under the stage name Black Sherif, has taken to his official Twitter page to lament over how some industry people want to destroy his career.

According to the rapper, he wants to hold a very deep conversation and vividly express himself over some issues but that he’s waiting for the proper time.

Hence, for now, he’ll just react with a ‘lol’ and scroll, urging his attackers to keep spitting on him while he keeps ignoring their attacks.

Clearly, Black Sherif has some deep revelations to make which will shake the industry when he drops them.

The “Second Sermon” hitmaker is just waiting for the appropriate time to crush all his enemies who have sworn to see to his downfall in the music industry.

He wrote;

“I really wanna talk. I swear to God I wanna talk. but the right time will come, I’m still waiting. For now, I’ll just “lol” and scroll. keep shitting on us, we’ll keep it rolling here too.

Prior to this post, Black Sherif had tweeted a couple of days ago that some people are so bitter about his early success in the music industry and want his career to be in loving memory as soon as possible.

Black Sherif is not the first young artiste to cry over the rot and pull him down syndrome in the music industry.

Just a few months ago, King Promise also hinted at dropping a series of disgusting revelations in the music showbiz industry after also suffering the same fate as Black Sherif’s own.

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