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A pharmacist has claimed that Lawyer Maurice Ampaw is gay. He adds that he has been the one supplying him(Ampaw) with pills as well as pampers that he uses for his dripping ass s a result of the forbidden sexual act.

In a video sighted the pharmacist who gave his name as Philip Nana Yaw Badu alleged that lawyer’s stand on the legalization of LGBTQ in Ghana stands on the fact that he is also part of the Gay society.

The health officer further claimed that as a result of Ampaw’s association with the homosexual community he would like for things to be made legal so he fully operates, hence his recent comments.

He however added that Lawyer Maurice Ampaw has been engaging in the act for a while now and is now having a loose anus from the continuous act.

Mr Philip disclosed that he’s worked for the renowned lawyer since 2006 and knows every step of him.

The Pharmacist who seems to know much about the Lawyer said a lot of things in the video below;

This video comes in the wake of the fight to

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