Member of Parliament for Tamale South, Alhassan Suhuyini has in a Facebook post, stated that, his being denied visa by the Netherlands Embassy is lame if the basis is his association with the anti-LGBTQI+ Bill

Honorable Suhuyini was denied entry visa into the Netherlands with the explanation that he would not return to Ghana.

According to the law maker, he was denied a visa although he submitted all relevant documents.

“For the Netherlands to ignore my status as a member of Parliament with the responsibility to an entire constituency, which was known to them, my valid travel visas to the UK and USA and my numerous previous travel records, which indicate I have never overstayed any visit abroad, my beautiful family, and deny me an entry visa on the basis that, there was insufficient evidence that I have significant social or economic ties to my country to prompt my return after my intended visit, could only have been deliberately taken to provoke me and also undermine Ghanaian state officials and diplomats.”

The law maker therefore asserted that, his being denied the visa can only be linked to his association with the anti-LGBTQ bill.

As such, he has made an appeal to the embassy and will go on to make a formal complaint to the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs  “to deal with this gross disrespect.”

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