A young man has been captured crying minutes after his girlfriend accepted his proposal to be his wife. 

In recent times, women embarrassing their boyfriends in the full glare of onlookers during the traditional kneeling with a ring and asking for a long time commitment leading to marriage has become the norm of the day.
And of course, it’s the women who become emotional and let out tears of joy when their men pull off this ancient love ritual but in this case, it’s the guy who couldn’t put himself together.
She subsequently recorded and mocked him for being more emotional than her, but he told her to stop.
She captioned the proposal video;

”U always scold me 4 opening my car door myself

U constantly kept reminding me how I need 2 act like a Queen so my man can treat me like 1

U consciously remind me of being myself & living my life d way I want regardless

OMO! Meeting U changed me fr

Thank U 4 Making Life BEAUTIFUL”



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