Ghanaian actor, Funny Face has finally reunited with his baby mama Vanessa and children which have gotten him back to his normal life.

As Funny Face and his family are now enjoying their peace on man, a self-proclaimed end-time prophet who goes by the name “ABUSUA ONE” has sparked another controversy with his frightful prophecy.

According to Abusua One God, Funny Face isn’t healed from his mental illness yet because it’s a spiritual issue.

He further revealed that the comedian is currently in a spiritual marriage with a notorious goddess reason all his romantic relationships doesn’t last and turns sour the moment things appear to bloom.

Whiles speaking on Kantanka TV, Abusua One God further warned Ama Vanessa not to agree to Funny Face’s marriage proposal.

He then advised the comedian to seek help from a very powerful spiritualist to break the spiritual bond with the deliberately unnamed goddess so that he can marry in peace


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