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President Akuffo Addo Is Only Good At Speaking Good English And Fighting Officials Who Fight Corruption – A Plus


Following yesterday nationwide blackouts, social commentator Kwame Asare Obeng popularly known as A Plus, has attack President Nana Akuffo Addo and his government because he thinks Nana Addo is not doing anything to improve the state of the country but rather taking the country backwards.

According to him, ever since Nana Addo took helms of affairs, nothing has changed and he is surprised communities in Accra are without water for many months now and everyone chose to be quiet about this and even organisations such as OccupyGhana and Peace Council who use to criticize the elsewhere Mahama’s Government also chose to be silent.

He concluded by adding that,apart from Nana Addo speaking big English and fighting those who fight corrupt officials in his government, his followers should name one thing he has done better than Mahama’s administration.

Below is his post;

Do you know that apart from the current nationwide dumsor we experience, so many communities in Accra have been without water for many months yet everybody is quiet? That’s the kind of love and patience Ghanaians have for this NPP government. When you talk his people will come and ask you if Nana Addo works at Ghana Water Company. When you were criticising John Mahama he was a plumber right?

Akufo Addo has not done anything better than John Mahama. That is a fact – same old Ghana. But if you like, let’s remove Akufo Addo from power today and bring John Mahama back to continue doing the same things Akufo Addo is doing now; or even make Ghana a bit better than what it is today, Occupy Ghana will reorganise. Christians Council will find it’s voice again. Peace Council will pontificate about national issues as if Jesus just dropped them in Ghana after a meeting with God.

“John Mahama is the worse president ever.” Granted! Apart from speaking English, and fighting anyone who fights corrupt officials in his government, tell me one thing Nana Addo has done better than John Mahama?


Ɛyɛ hype!!!



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