Queen Peezy

Ghanaian musician, Pataapa’s ex-lover Queen Peezy has shared with the public how she was raped by two Ghanaian artists and later framed for stealing an iPhone XXMas.

According to Queen peezy, she was lured by some guys who raped her in a secrete location after she visited them on the weekend.

Giving an account of her second rape encounter, she stated clearly in an interview with SVTV that, she accepted to have s3x with an artiste just because she needed a passport.

However, according to Queen Peezy, she was ganged raped by the artiste and his friend and was told to leave without a passport.
She later added that the artiste and his friend later subjected her to mandatory confinement in the house of Ghanaian comedian DKB, because she was being accused of stealing an iPhone XXMas


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