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Marriage is a Long Journey and needs time – Patapaa Advises His Colleagues


Ghanaian artiste, Patapaa who recently got married to his long-lasting German sweetheart has uncovered in an interview that, marriage is pleasant yet in the event that one isn’t prepared, there was no compelling reason to rush into it.

Marriage is good and patience is needed if it isn’t yet time”. Marriage is called ‘aware’ in the Akan language and according to Patapaa it means “It’s a long journey and as such if a man or lady’s plans are not concluded, then fine, otherwise one can take time to marry”.

Speaking to Amansan Krakye on Kastle Drive in Cape Coast and responding to where he got the courage from to gather all the monies being sprayed on him by his friends, Mr. Amoah said: “picking cash that has been splashed on me is normal, I even do the same when I’m performing my shows”. He asked the host “When you’re an MC at a show and people spray cash on you, will you allow other people to collect that money? For which Amansan Krakye answered that” That isn’t possible”.

The musician further explained that in life you cannot work hard and when someone sprays cash on you and allow others to collect or enjoy from your sweat. He added if that happens, You’ll never make it in life”. “If no one has ever told or no pastor has ever informed you then, I’m saying it right here”.

In addition, he said everything good about everybody is on the person’s face. “So if you allow anyone to place money on your forehead while you’re sweating and that same person puts the money back into his pocket, he or she has carried your glory away”.

He continued that, all these are part of the reasons why people marry and after a few months after the marriage, things become hard for them.

A portion of text taken from Mynewsghana.com



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