Tima Kumkum

TV personality, Cynthia Tima Yeboah who is popularly known as Tima Kumkum has revealed in an interview on The Delay Show that she hasn’t heard from her ex-husband in 4 years now after they both parted ways.

Recall, we earlier reported on why the tv personality married her ex-husband which she disclosed it was to revenge her ex-boyfriend. Narrating her story she said:

“I haven’t heard from him in years, I am the one taking care of our children. He stays right here in Ghana… sometimes he ignores my calls. I am not supposed to tell him to cater for his children, he knows his responsibilities as a father.”

“The separation began when I took seed with my second child, it was all due to some misunderstanding. I couldn’t say he cheated but things didn’t go well with us. I moved from Koforidua to stay with my friend when I was pregnant… I didn’t know the whereabouts of my husband as at the time I was carrying our child but after my safe delivery he resurfaced, that was during our separation in 2014.”

“His mother said she doesn’t understand why his son will marry a woman who already has two kids from a previous marriage.”

Watch the interview below:


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