Article Wan Reveals How He Grew Up Selling Cigarette But Never Smoked A Piece – Video

Ghanaian artiste, Article Wan has revealed in an interview that he has never smoked before even though he has sold cigarettes before becoming very famous.

According to the rapper, whiles growing up as a child, he used to sell cigarettes and alcohol with his mum in a small spot but never smoked a piece of cigars.

Whiles speaking with Sammy Kay in an interview, Article Wan further added that during that time; He had developed an intense love for producing beats and making music so the use of drugs and alcohol was out of his priorities.

In the course of the interview, he also revealed that music has really helped him financially because the craft is a lucrative venture despite the ups and downs associated with it.

Article Wan additionally cited an instance where an industry person swindled him of an amount to the tune of GHC 15,000 after a performance at one of the most attended music events.

Kindly watch the video below to know more


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